ABI Dog Shows

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ABI Dog Shows is your place to come out and showcase your dogs!

ABI Dog Shows

Let's all go to the ABI Dog Show
We are the #1 dog show place to show your dogs.

We are the place to come out and showcase your dogs!

Enjoy time with your family, encourage your kids to participate in the free Junior Handling classes.

Meet up with other dog people to learn more and exchange information. See your friends that you've already made in your breed and to make new friends.

We are all about having fun while learning yourself and teaching your dogs more.

We are a great place to start out your puppy or to practice with your dogs with any CKC recognized or Rare & Ancient Breed dogs.

New another free Junior Handler Class for kids 5 & Under

This new class will allow the kids 5 & under to join in the fun at our ABI dog shows as well!!

They will get to choose one of our stuffed dogs with a collar & leash to take into the ring to better learn how to show a dog.

The goal of this class will be to let the kids have fun & learn and to show off the skills they will be taught by their parents and anyone else willing to help share their knowledge with them. We will be looking for donations for our free Junior Handling classes for this so if you come across any stuffed dogs either new or used please we want them, also any collars or leashes you no longer want or use we could use them as well for this class.

Donations of prizes for our Junior Handler classes are ever so greatly appreciated as well. In the past few years Tanice Berst & Tanya Klein did a fantastic job of taking over the Junior Handler classes for us and they did a fantastic job with it. So if anyone is looking for a fun project we could definitely use some help with this again for this year, please contact me at Rita@ABIDogShows.com

Thank you to our ABI Family for making our dog shows such a great time!!!

Without you guys helping out to make these shows such a great event we would not have anywhere near as much fun!!

Don't forget to come out to our Potluck Dinner held every Saturday after the dog shows, just bring one item of food for all to share & your own drinks and chairs.

Show Calendar


  • Flamboro Valley May Classic - May 11 & 12
    1158 Hwy (Reg Rd) 97, Flamborough, ON, N0B 2J0

    2018 Top Dog Awards - Sat after shows, Potluck dinner & Top Ten Awards


  • Flamboro Valley June Classic - June 22 & 23
    1158 Hwy (Reg Rd) 97, Flamborough, ON, N0B 2J0

    Senior Handling
    - Paul Petrie won 1st place winning a bottle of Crown Royal showing an American Cocker Spaniel & Jeff Whiteside won 2nd place winning a dog shaped treat container showing a Rough Collie. 


  • Flamboro Valley July Classic  - July 27 & 28
    1158 Hwy (Reg Rd) 97, Flamborough, ON, N0B 2J0
    Hawaiian Costume Contest



  • Flamboro Valley September Classic  - September 28 & 29
    1158 Hwy (Reg Rd) 97, Flamborough, ON, N0B 2J0
    ABI's Canine Citizen Evaluation - $15 Pre-Entry $20 Day Of Evaluation, held Saturday after the shows so come have your dog tested for it's ability to fit into our crazy world, open to all dogs not just purebred dogs.
    Top Puppy Specialty -
    Pre-Entry $25, Day of Show $35 - Sunday after lunch break
    Top Junior Puppy Specialty - Pre-Entry $25, Day of Show $35 - Sunday after lunch break
    Top Champion Specialty -
    Pre-Entry $25, Day of Show $35 - Sunday after lunch break
    Top Master Champion Specialty -
    Pre-Entry $25, Day of Show $35 - Sunday after lunch break
    Top Grand Master Champion Specialty -
    Pre-Entry $25, Day of Show $35 - Sunday after lunch break
    Top Supreme Master Champion Specialty -
    Pre-Entry $25, Day of Show $35 - Sunday after lunch break

Just fill in your information, print it, sign it, scan it & email it to Rita@ABIDogShows.com or bring it with you to speed up your Day of Show entries.
Than send in your payment by either Etransfer from your online banking or go to the PayPal Page on our website to pay.

Entry Table Opens: 9:00 - 9:45 am              Shows Start: 10:00 am

Important Notice: 4 shows per weekend - 2 on Sat & 2 on Sunday both starting at 10 am
Pre-Entry MUST be paid before the closing date of show or Day of Show Entry Fees will apply.
Pre-Entry Fees can be paid by E-transfer from your online banking (please be sure to email me your password you used for it) or it can be sent by PayPal.

We can now accept credit cards at the show site!

NEW Best In Show prizes will be awarded as well as our gorgeous huge BIS rosette ribbon!!
Come on out to see & compete for our new Best In Show prizes!!!

Come on out to try out our new Canine Citizen Evaluation (CCE) that will test your dog's ability to fit into our crazy world!

These are the area evaluated in our CCE & to learn more you can read about it here ABI's Canine Citizen Evaluation Rules.
Acknowledging A Stranger, Allowing Someone to Touch Dog, Appearance & Grooming, Walking On A Loose Lead, Walking Through A Group of People, Sit and Down On Command & Staying in Place, Coming When Called, Reaction To Another Dog, Reaction To Distraction, Supervised Separation.

ABIDS Championship Titles

Puppy Championship: 10 points earned by defeating 10 other puppies within 3-6 months of age, no majors required.

Junior Championship: 10 points earned by defeating junior puppies within 6-12 months of age, one 3 point major required. Points are carried over towards your Canadian Championships, you must earn the remaining 5 points with one 3 point major to finish out the Canadian Championship after your dog has reached 12 months of age. 

Canadian Championship: 15 points with two 3 point majors earned under different judges. Points are earned in Breed, Group & Best In Show. 

Altered Championship: 15 points, no majors required. If no other altered dogs are entered it is up to the judges discretion if a point is to be awarded to the altered dog.

Master Championship: Earned by defeating 15 ABIDS Champions.

Grand Master Championship: Earned by defeating 15 ABIDS Master Champions.

Supreme Grand Master Championship: Earned by defeating 15 ABIDS Grand Master Champions

Want to help out and make ABI Dog Shows grow larger?

Help us by passing out this flyer to your vets, pet stores, grooming facilities, dog parks, show handling classes.  Any where that you think you can find dog show enthusiasts.
Please feel free to download and print this pdf flyer and hand it out for us.......YOU are what makes our dog club so great!!!  ABIDS Flyer or the  ABIDS One Page Flyer

Love Nature Footage: 

May 2016 show we had the film crew from Love Nature there to do some filming. Here is the link for the footage https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XxCirzc9fBSE5lUVhxMGRnc3c/view?usp=sharing

Keep Up to Date On ABI News & Updates

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Need some handling tips?

Link to a great article written by Kris Munday, a Dogue de Bordeaux breeder & handler from OR.  Read More

Also check out the Show Handling Tips written by Eveanne Schiavo a Neapolitan Mastiff breeder & handler.
  Read More

Is your breed club interested in holding a specialty or national with us?

Any Breed Clubs that are interested in having us host their Club Specialty or National please contact us so that we can make all the arrangements.

We would love to work with your breed club to make this a great event for your club. Email Rita or Email Robert or call him at (905) 812-0364

Interested in reading the Maclean's magazine article about ABI vs the CKC. Read More