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                      ABI Dog Shows is your place to come out and showcase your dogs!


  •  Anyone that would like either tshirts or tote bags please contact Lea Batte she has done our awesome Best In Show & Top Ten Award tote bags for us!!
  • Here is a link to CreditCard.com's guide to flying with pets. We created a guide that provides the most updated information on pet travel restrictions for every airline, including emotional support and service animals.
    Our guides provides helpful information on every aspect of pet travel, such as:
    • Pet friendly airport and relief locations 
    • Pet health requirements for each state 
    • Travel rewards and programs offered for flying with your pet
  • "Guide to Train Travel With Pets -- and Getting Rewarded for It". Animals can struggle with the air quality, air circulation, temperature, and cabin pressure that accompanies flying in a plane, while trains offer a much safer alternative and a much easier travel method with a pet.
    While creditcards.com's, "Guide to flying with pets (and getting rewarded for it)", covers the guide to flying with pets, ours details traveling with your pet by train, which can offer less risks to your pet's health.